The Best Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital and the heart of Malaysia. This growing city is packed with historic monuments, steel-clad skyscrapers, mega sized shopping malls, lively nightspots and is known for its cosmopolitan aspect. Holidays by BlueSky has compiled a list of things to do and see in Kuala Lumpur!

1- The Petronas Tower

One of the most iconic sights in Asia, the Petronas Towers are the tallest twin towers of the world. The towers feature postmodern architecture designed by Cesar Pelli and display Arabic decorations due to the presence of the Muslim community. Visitors are allowed in the tower, even over the sky bridge that joins the two towers together, so you will be able to admire the breathtaking view.

2- The Mariammam Temple

This is the oldest Hindu temple of the city, built in 1853 by the Tamil community and located at the edge of Chinatown. Nowadays, it is an important cultural heritage, but earlier, it was an important place of worship for Indian immigrants. The temple is easily recognizable; it has vibrant and colorful walls featuring a range of Hindu deities and legends.

PS: Make sure you remove your shoes and cover your legs before visiting.

3- Jalan Alor

This is a unique food destination in KL, the whole character of the city changes when you are in this street. When the sun goes down, this street becomes the spot to eat with friends or colleagues. The variety of food is in fact amazing: Chinese food with noodles, barbecued meats…Therefore do not hesitate to taste the local specialties!

4- Perdana Botanical Garden

Perdana botanical garden is the perfect place for the ones that need a break from the city, especially for nature lovers and families. The Lake Garden, also called the Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park is a 227-acre park in the middle of Kuala Lumpur! You can explore the lovely garden, filled with colorful hibiscus and orchid flowers. In the afternoon, you may enjoy a picnic there!

5- Experience the city from the top

Kuala Lumpur has also numerous viewpoints or rooftops. The most original one is the Heli Lounge bar. As its name suggests, it was a former heliport converted into a bar on the 34th floor. On the top of the Menara Tower, you will enjoy a 360° view of the city: the perfect place to watch the sunset or the city-lights. The bar is also a nightclub during the few hours after the sunset!

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