Travel Guide - Passport

Birth Certificate/Identity card original and photocopies
Two recent identical photographs (passport size)
1.AdultsNational Identity Card
Certificate of Citizenship (where applicable)
2.Married person applying for own passport in spouse's nameMarriage Certificate
3.Divorced personMarriage Certificate
Divorce Decree
4.MinorBirth Certificate
National Identity Card of parents/guardians
Certificate of Citizenship (where applicable)
Copy of judge's order (where applicable)
5.Person born outside Mauritius with a parent born in 
Birth Certificates of Mauritian parents
National Identity Cards of parents/guardians
Certificate of foreign citizenship/Residence permit of parents (where applicable )
6.Person whose name has been changed abroad otherwise by 
Documentary evidence of change of name
(Note:Change of name to be made executory in Mauritius)
7.Person who is Citizen of Mauritius by Registration or NaturalizationCertificate of Registration/Naturalisation
8.Lost PassportCertificate from Police
9.Passport is valid for 10 years 
10.Photocopies of Birth Certificate and Identity Card and other certicates should be produced together with the application form
11.The application form should be counter signed by two persons who have know the applicant for at least two years and who are either Members of the National Assembly,Medical practitioners,notaries Ministers of Religion,Barristers-at-law , Civil Servants not below the rank of Higher Exexutive off Bank Managers,attorneys at law,police officers not below the rank of assistant superintendent
12.Photo Specification : Person in whose name passport is to be issued to submit to Identical copies of photograph of less than SIX months. The two photographs should be signed and dated by the persons referred to in paragragh 11 above on the verso.
13.The identity and address of the person in whose name Passport is to be issued must be certified by the police of the locality where he resides,before the application form is submitted.
14.PASSPORT will be ,as far as possible ,be issued seven days after payment
15.FEE: Rs 700
Download Application form for a Mauritian Passport

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