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Apartment, Townhouse and Villa to rent: Azuri Residences by Horizon Holidays

as from
Rs 4,200
Per night on self-catering
About the package

Opt for this high-end seafront accommodation available for rental on the north-eastern coast of Mauritius, in Roches Noires. An exclusive getaway awaits you in the first integrated residential village of Mauritius. It offers services and facilities similar to those of a resort and has a spa, fitness centre, restaurants, coffee shop and a tennis court within the village.

You can also enjoy water activities at the boathouse. This village invites you to embrace a privileged and convivial beachfront holiday in a high-end accommodation which offers all of home’s comfort and includes a personalised concierge service, allowing you to focus on fully enjoying your time off. Choose from our best deals below, especially for Mauritians.

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