Top 10 ways to beat Jet Lag

Long-haul flights, as well as the short ones, can leave travelers shaggy with exhaustion. Preparing yourself before travelling can help you beat jet lag. Holidays by BlueSky has gathered the best 10 tips to make the most of your holidays.

1. Manage your sleep 

The best is to shift your internal rhythms before you fly. The day before your departure, have a good night sleep. It is preferable to fly by night so that you reach your destination during daylight. This will help make it easier to stay awake. 

2. Eat right

Start eating your meals in line with the time zone of your destination a few days before your departure.  Try to do same on the plane. Thus, when you reach your destination, it will be easier to adapt to the lifestyle.

3. Avoid alcohol 

Though it can be tempting to kick off your vacation with a glass of wine or some gin and tonic, drinking alcohol at altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration. Instead, opt for water.

4. Say goodbye to coffee

Avoid caffeine-heavy drinks like coffee, cola and energy drinks that will prevent you from sleeping. They will increase the jet lag effects and recovery time. 

5. Set your watch

Get yourself psychologically aligned with your destination time zone by setting your watch as soon as you get on the plane. 

6. Be plane savvy

Some planes, like the A350 and the A380, are very well equipped to beat jet lag. They have hi-tech humidification systems that help the air retain moisture and LED lighting systems capable.

7. Choose where you’ll be seated

Business class is obviously preferable, but even in economy class, there are ways to suffer less if you plan strategically. The places close to the window are great because you can put a pillow by the window and nobody will disturb you to go to the restroom. 

8. Get some exercise

During your flight, try to move around regularly and to practice some exercise. This will keep the blood flowing.

9. Be comfortable 

When taking a flight, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Do not forget an eye mask, a neck pillow and ear plugs. It will help you to sleep easier, faster, and better.

10. Hunt for the sun

Daylight makes you feel better. So, get as much daylight as you can once you land, if it is by day. We recommend to take a flight that will land by day so that you get some sun as you land.

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