Things to do near Nanjing road in Shanghai.

Nanjing Road is the earliest and most prosperous shopping street in Shanghai dating back to the 1840s. Regarded as "the first commercial street in China", Nanjing Road offers all-in-one shopping malls, gorgeous restaurants and spectacular night views.  Holidays by BlueSky invites you to discover the 5 top things to do near Nanjing road...

1. Visit the Shanghai Art Gallery

Shanghai Art Gallery is bordering the People's Square on the north-west corner; this is a large international gallery with a frequently changing program. So next time you happen to be in the region make sure to visit these vibrant Shanghai art venues and discover the art gems they hold.

2. People’s Square

Throughout Shanghai’s short history, People’s Square has been a nucleus of culture and activity. Due to its centrality and proximity to the Bund, the area draws tourists from all over the world to its hectic streets. People’s Square is packed with amazing and cheap local restaurants and street food stalls, parks, museums, and more.


Jing ‘an Temple is set in an unexpected quarter of the city, around the corner from Gucci and Hugo Boss shops, and surrounded by shiny office towers. But it has seen a renaissance of some sort, attracting lots of worshippers, and preserving a small community of monks.

If you're looking for some traditional spirituality, this is probably as good as it's going to get in Shanghai.

4. Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum, a museum of ancient Chinese art, possesses a collection of 120,000 precious works of art in 21 different categories. Its rich and high-quality collection of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, paintings, and calligraphy is celebrated around the world. The top of the Shanghai Museum is shaped like an ancient Chinese cooking pot, so it should be tough to miss.

5. Visit the Nanjing Massacre Memorial

It makes for a grim day out, but you can’t visit Nanjing and not pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people who lost their lives during the Japanese occupation of the city. The Nanjing Massacre Memorial is a somber reminder of the huge cost of war and acts as a part memorial and art museum to the atrocities that took place.

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