5 best things to do in Amsterdam!

Thinking about a getaway in the charming Dutch capital?
Here are some tips from Holidays by BlueSky for your next vacation in Amsterdam!

# 1: Visit the Jordaan district.

Nestled in the west of the city, Jordaan is a peaceful and flowery area where you can find many tulip merchants. Tulip is in fact the emblem of the city! Jordaan is also full of junk shops! So, if you are looking for cheap and beautiful stuffs, you know where to go!

# 2: A bike ride

Speaking about Amsterdam without mentioning its bikes is like talking about Paris without mentioning the Eiffel Tower!
Cycling is the "THING TO DO" in the Dutch capital, biking is a true cultural identity, discover the city along the canals with your bicycle! The city is fully adapted to the daily use of bicycles: priority lines on the road, but also bicycle parking. If you are near the train station, there are parking lots where thousands of bicycles are parked: never seen elsewhere!

# 3: Sleep on a House Boat

Amsterdam is famous for its canals and barges. These are furnished and many of them are available for rent, the perfect opportunity to avoid the tourist influx of boats while enjoying yours!

# 4: Picnic in the Vondelpark

In the heart of the city, the Vondelpark offers a green area away from the bustle of the city. Do not miss to discover the park named after the poet Joost van den Vondel! You will find many sculptures, a theater and a museum of cinema there!

# 5: The transition is done: Discover the great museums of Amsterdam!

Art and culture are very present in Amsterdam, the city counts among the best museums of Europe, more especially in fine arts of which the Netherlands have been pioneers for several centuries. Among others, we can mention the Rembrandt museum, its house, the Rijksmuseum or the excellent Van Gogh museum which is the most visited museum in the city.
One of the most emblematic but also the most moving: the Anne Frank Museum. You can visit the house where the girl and her family were hiding during the Second World War.

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