Holiday Follies – Your travel and leisure event every month @ Bagatelle!

Would you love to travel the world? Come and enjoy our Holiday Follies each month at Bagatelle with Holidays by BlueSky.

It’s the perfect occasion to benefit from the best packages for your next vacations. Our partners never miss a chance to collaborate with us for these monthly events to offer you exclusive deals! For our first 3 Holiday Follies, we have had the privilege to partner with South African Airways, Cosmos Globus and Costa Croisières respectively. People from various parts of the island came to our Travel Lounge at Bagatelle to plan their tailor-made trips.

This time around, we are planning even bigger things for you by partnering with 2 major airlines, Air Seychelles and Etihad! We have amazing vacations to the most exciting destinations around the world to offer. Of course, lots of gifts and special prizes will be given to our lucky winners through our Facebook page and Radio Plus. The Holiday Follies always guarantee the best entertainment, come and see for yourself this month as from the 28th April to the 30th April 2017 in our Travel Lounge at Bagatelle!

Never miss an update or announcement through our Facebook page. Our team is always ready to share photos, videos, deals available and answer any queries regarding the current event. Would you rather listen to updates? Radio Plus is there to boost up your car rides or in-between breaks at work to provide you with latest news regarding Holiday Follies!

Ready for some fun and exclusive vacations around the world? You will not be deceived with Holidays by BlueSky and their recognized partners for the monthly Holiday Follies. Save the dates and let us help you experience a new way of travel.

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