Things to do in Cape Town

If you are dreaming of a little escape in a colourful and unique city, Cape Town is definitely made for you. This city has acquired through time, a diverse and extraordinary cultural wealth and has got everything to keep you busy. Among mountains, vineyards, parks and safaris, every day is going to be an adventure! Thus, discover our travel tips for your next trip to this amazing destination.

Travel in off-season

The winter season is the best way to discover the beauty of Cape Town while spending less money. Especially when it comes to accommodation as owners struggle to fill up their rooms or hotels, making it the best time to negotiate and get a reasonable rate.
During the winter season, your favorite attractions are less likely to be crowded. Locals leave the city to the South Africans from around the country and to the tourists. And even if it is during winter, you won’t have to worry about blizzards and snow banks and you will at the same time avoid the 40 degrees of the hot summer days!

Enjoy outdoors activities

Your holidays are nearly over and you are considering budget-friendly activities? Cape Town has got a lot of cheap or even free activities that would allow you to make the most of your trip till the end. The activities include a hike on the Lion’s head, the Table Mountain or The Devil Mountain and for the more ambitious, you can do all of them on three consecutive days. You will be able to skip leg day for one whole month! If you are a sunset lover, don’t forget to bring some snacks and a nice bottle of wine that you can enjoy while watching the sun going down.

Unusual wine tours and wine tasting

Why take a normal wine tour when you can do a Tuk-Tuk wine tour? Yes, it’s possible! Stellenbosch Winelands offers this fun tour on a daily basis and you can choose between the full or half-day tours.
If you are looking for unusual experiences, you will love the underground wine tasting at Weltevrede. This unique tasting place is situated in the quaint town of Bonnievale and you will also be able to taste some of their popular products without being in a commercial environment.

So travel lovers, are you already dreaming about your Cape Town expedition? Discover the amazing Cape Town packages on Don’t forget that your wings already exist, all you have to do is spread them and fly high!


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