Best landmarks in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the world’s most beautiful cities and there are lots of fun and adventurous things to do in Cape Town. Its pebbly idyllic beaches, its cosmopolitan culture and dazzling landscapes give the city an enrapturing beauty and a tremendous charm. Let’s discover together its best landmarks!

Table Mountain

The Table Mountain is aptly named as it has a flat top just like a table. While some enjoy visiting it by guided walk, others prefer the rotating cable car to soak up a 360 degree view. The mountain also offers an audio tour where you can explore the surroundings at your own pace while listening to the history of this iconic place.  Those who are more energetic can try one of the three hiking trails that start at the Upper Cable Station and end at the summit. Along the way, one can discover a lot of indigenous plants and species such as lizards, insects and birds. The visitors can then take a break at the Shop at the Top which sells numerous lovely gifts.  There is also a self-service buffet café where they can feast on yummy dishes. But, it is also possible to bring your own food for a picnic in this lush setting.  In the afternoon, nature-lovers can experience the magnificent African sunset from the top of Table Mountain.

Boulder’s Beach

Nestled in the Cape Peninsula, near Simon’s Town, the Boulders Beach is a famous spot.  This pristine beach is surrounded by giant granite boulders. But what makes it more appealing is the colony of penguins which settled there in 1982. You will see them walking, leaning their head left and right in a funny style.  These lovely birds are under the protection of the Cape Nature Conservation. Many tourists stop at Boulder’s Beach to take pictures of these endangered species. However it is forbidden to go close to them as they are wild animals. Some families also gather there for picnics. Kids for example enjoy climbing over the boulders, exploring the rock pools or swimming in the azure water.

Kirstenbosch garden.

Kirstenbosch garden looks like heaven on earth.  Nestled on the slopes of Table Mountain, it consists of a fragrance garden, a medicinal garden, a braille trail, a Protea garden and a cycad amphitheatre. Sheltering more than 7000 species of plants, the Kirstenbosch garden is a must-visit place. It also falls under the Cape Floristic Region, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  During your visit, you can hike up Skeleton Gorge, do a picnic on the lawn or simply take in the breath-taking view. If you are feeling peckish, you can head to the Kirstenbosch Tea room and relish some stones and a variety of crunchy and melting cakes. To satisfy a bigger appetite, the African themed Moyo restaurant is the place to be. You can fill your belly with a hearty meal which will give your taste buds a real treat.

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