Traveling with kids! Best Family Holiday Destinations

Traveling with kids! Best family holiday destinations.

Holidays are back! Long live fun, idle and happy days! You can delve into a passionate book near an overflowing swimming pool, offering a view on a cerulean and translucent lagoon, live thrilling moments with your loved-ones on a huge roller coaster or hop on a lovely boat to discover the shimmering waters of a renowned bay after crossing some luxuriant paddy fields. Are you an inner-adventurer, a thrill-seeker or a beach bum? Are you looking for the best places to go on holiday with your kids? You have a wide variety of choices to collect unforgettable and amazing moments! 

Holidays by BlueSky has gathered a list of best family holiday destinations. With their unique attractions, scenic green landscapes and impressive architecture, Greece, Vietnam or Disneyland will leave you spellbound. 

Paris Disneyland

Paris is mainly known for its iconic monuments built by famous architects, its magnificent museums packed with historical and artistic objects, its crowded coffee-shops selling soft and yummy cakes, its spacious boutiques featuring fashionable and elegant clothes and its amusement park, Disneyland! If you feel like visiting this stunning capital with your kids, a stopover in Disneyland is essential! In this magical place which boasts over 50 attractions, you will be fascinated at every corner and re-live your childhood in an amazing way. From its Adventure Isle to its Star Wars Hyperspace and the mysteries of Nautilus, Disneyland promises a collection of thrilling experiences to local people and tourists.

Take a tour to the Adventure Isle which is divided into Northern and Southern Islands. On the first one you can discover the Swiss Family Treehouse. This particular attraction consists of dark and spooky caves, known as Le Ventre de La Terre filled with roots from the tree above, which the Swiss Family uses as cellar. Notice to all adventurers; this spot will make you shudder as soon as you step in!

There is also a place nearby called La Mer des Bretteurs which shelters a wrecked ship used by the castaways. After visiting the Northern Island, head to the Southern one which is linked by a wooden bridge. There you can find the Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship moored near Skull Rock and La Plage des Pirates which is a small playground. If you are a fan of treasure hunt, you will surely enjoy the spyglass hill which is located on this part and is made up of mazes and caves. One thing is sure, at Adventure Isle, you will definitely get immersed into the pirates’ world.

Are you addicted to Star Wars series, books or video games? If you are, do not miss Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, an indoor and outdoor steel roller coaster in Discovery land. Adrenaline seekers must absolutely experience a speedy ride on this! Get ready to move in every direction and scream all along the way. Big thrills guaranteed! The icing on the cake: You will be able to admire the Star Wars ship when the roller coaster will stop at the top of a hill.

Inspired by the Jules Verne’s novel, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, The Mysteries of the Nautilus is a gloomy place, unveiling seafaring secrets. The visitors will have the opportunity to visit the different rooms of Captain Nemo’s submarine during their Disneyland tour. However, although the water seems calm at first, they will need to face some challenges during this experience. With its numerous kids and family attraction, the amusement park has something for everyone! There is no doubt; you will enjoy the sightseeing tours from Disneyland during your holidays in France.



Greece is like a gem, situated in South-East Europe. Those who have not set foot there often dream of this destination known for its white houses highlighted by a blue roof and surrounded by colorful flowers. People also have a crush on this charming country because of its ancient ruins, its pristine beaches, its Mediterranean climate and joyful atmosphere. With all of these interesting characteristics, it is no wonder that Greece is one of the best family destinations! 

If you are passionate about history, head to Athens, a city filled with historic monuments and sites. Make a stop at Acropolis, an ancient and colossal temple, which honors the goddess Athena. You will be connected to the past of Greece. Those who are sporty can hike to the top of the Acropolis site where they can observe Mount Lycabettus and the monument of Philopappos. However, water and caps are required to fight the scorching sun! 

At the foot of Acropolis, there is another lovely spot to visit: the theatre of Dionysus. It is considered as the world’s first theatre and it can welcome 1700 spectators. 

Moreover, don’t forget to go to the Hellenic Children’s Museum during your holidays in Greece. It is free of cost and it offers experiential learning to children who are from 4 to 10 years old. There, they make use of their imagination and develop their creativity by testing some recipes and creating different constructions. 

Just a few miles away from the city, you can discover Attica Zoological Park which shelters big cats, birds, reptiles, monkeys, cheetahs and many other animals. Your kids will enjoy interacting with all these beasts. The Allou Fun Park, Athen’s biggest amusement-park also deserves a visit. As its name suggests, it is a perfect spot to have fun! You will be able to choose between a variety of rides and games which are available there. 

Greece has also a large number of islands that you can enjoy during your family holidays. Embark aboard a sailing catamaran to visit the Cyclades. Paros, for example has marvelous sandy beaches and is a must-see for teenage and adult kite surfers. At Milos, you will discover a different setting endowed with volcanic beaches. As for the beautiful island of Naxos, it consists of striking temples and picturesque mountains. At Santorini and Mykonos, you can find a lot of Greek restaurants and tavernas which exude a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore, you do not need to worry! Your kids will be warmly welcomed in these places, offering a gourmet getaway! Indulge in delicious local cakes such as Baklava, taste its mouth-watering salads made up of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese or relish yummy gyros, which is similar to tacos. Greek dishes will undeniably delight your palates! 



Nestled in the South East of Asia, Vietnam is one of best family holiday destinations that are worth visiting. Treat yourself with a variety of flavorsome dishes which your palates will remember for a long time and connect with its lush and green nature to soothe your soul. Vietnam offers a complete change of scenery with its long stretch of milky white beach, its emerald bays, its endless paddy fields and other glorious landscapes. It’s the ideal place to empty your mind and to unwind with your kids. While you are lazing around on Vietnam beaches, the silhouettes of kite-surfers riding long waves will surely catch your attention. Kite-surfing is actually one of the most popular activities in this Asian country. 

If you want to have a sneak peek of the urban life in Vietnam, visit Hanoi, a bustling city which combines Asian and European influences through its tall colonial buildings, its magnificent museums and ancient pagodas. Although many people prefer to explore the capital by foot to avoid traffic, you can try a cyclo-rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of Hanoi with your kids. During this, you will take a dip in the authenticity of Vietnam and encounter fresh flowers or handicraft vendors. As for history buffs, they must absolutely make a stop at Hoa Lu, which is located in the South of Hano to discover some beautiful ruins. 

Head also to Trang An, a small and charming village which features spectacular paddy fields and meandering rivers and enjoy a rowing boat ride, piloted by a local rower. You and your kids will live an epic experience! As soon as you will reach a narrow opening at the base of the cliffs, you will enter a dark cave which contains spectacular hanging stalactites. A feast for the eyes! For your family holidays, we also recommend you to visit Halong Bay. Even if it is sometimes over –crowded, you will be dazzled by the beauty of its giant cliffs and its transparent water. If you are looking for a less touristic place, hop in a kayak to explore Bai Tu Long Bay and some smaller bays. You can take in fantastic scenery and bathe with your kids in its green-blue waters. 

Before coming back to Mauritius, take your kids to Dam Sen Waterpark, a popular sightseeing spot in Ho Chi Minh City. With its huge pools endowed with animal or steep slides and water fountains, your kids will feel spoiled! However, it is better to visit the park during week days to avoid large crowds. 

With their numerous thrilling activities and stunning places, Disneyland, Vietnam or Greece has everything to be among the best family holiday destinations. Each of these destinations has their own characteristics but they are all stupendous! Do you want to pamper yourself and your loved ones and spend unforgettable family holidays? Are you longing for a sweet escape? Would you like to soak up some soul-stirring landscapes, discover historical or cultural places and have fun at amusement parks? 


Holidays by BlueSky can make your craziest dreams come true! Our travel agency is specialized in providing tailor-made packages. So, if you are thinking about an amazing trip with your kids, contact us on our website!
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