A dip in the Spanish culture

An overwhelming welcome followed by a few bursts of laughter and cheerful dancing steps!  A deep joy of living and a festive spirit spread like a wildfire in each area of Spain! A country, whose culture is defined by a captivating music, artistic architecture and exquisite food! 

Symbols of a rich history
If the walls of the Roman ruins, sumptuous cathedrals, magnificent monuments, Islamic architectural buildings could speak, they would tell everything about the rich historical past of Spain. The country has been sought after by Carthaginians and Romans, conquered by Arabs and recovered by Catholic Monarchs. Behind some of its great architectural designs, the beautiful prints of Antoni Gaudi cannot go unnoticed.  Some of his works like the Mudéjar, the uncompleted majestic temple of the Holy Family, Park Güell reflect his creative talent.  Museums are also must-see places in Spain as they feature the most wonderful collections of legendary artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Francisco Goya.

Magical recipes
Family meals are almost sacred in Spain. It is a common practice for families to gather around a table filled with some bottles of delicious wine and yummy dishes such as paella, gazpacho, pisto, patatas bravas. These traditional recipes are handed down through the generations, but some people also like to add a pinch of secret ingredients to give a unique taste to the dishes.  As Spain is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, it is spoiled by seafood. One only has to look at the market stalls to find a great variety of sea products! To chill and relax, the Spanish bars are worth a visit. Refreshing cocktails flow freely and an array of tapas do a show for gourmets.

The “Fiesta”
Spanish people enjoy relishing each and every moment of life. That’s why the word “Fiesta” is perfectly associated with Spain. Flamenco performers and many other gifted artists liven up big cities such as Barcelona, Sevilla.  This realm of merrymakers also hosts festivals like La Tomatina, Las Fallas de Valencia, Feria de Abril… Wherever you are in Spain, you will feel a flow of positive vibes and enjoy a cool atmosphere.

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