7 good reasons to visit Ireland

Ireland is an island filled with mystical places and cultural traditions! Flip your wings and fly to this wonderland! Its patchwork of marvellous landscapes, the friendly smile of its local people and its swinging music will capture your heart! Here are 7 reasons why you need to visit Ireland according to Holidays by BlueSky.

A multitude of unique sceneries

Soak up Irish nature! Ireland abounds with magical sceneries which seem to have been taken out of a fairy tale! West Cork, Dingle Galway, the Ring of Kerry are some picturesque places which are worth visiting! Take a tour to the Rock of Cashel, where you will find a beautiful medieval fortress nestled in a peaceful setting. Also, let your adventurous soul guide you and try some thrilling activities such as mountain biking, sea kayaking, rock climbing and paragliding!

Magnificent castles

Ireland is also known for its romantic and gothic castles. Every castle has its own beauty and will take you back in history. Kilkenny castle, Dublin castle, Blarney castle are among the most famous ones. If you believe in legends, do not forget to kiss the Blarney stone. It will offer you the gift of eternal eloquence!

Great festivals

Are you a partygoer? If yes, you must attend the Irish festivals to take a dip in the culture! You will not only enjoy modern and folkloric music but also taste delicious dishes and watch movies during those festivals. Do not miss out the St Patrick’s festival! A lively carnival atmosphere will await you! You will see a parade of people dressed in green and wearing shamrocks. The shamrocks have a religious significance. According to some beliefs, Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans.

Cool atmosphere in Irish pubs

Irish pubs are the best places to chill with your friends or to meet nice people. You can sip a delicious beer and treat yourself with a beef and Guinness pie, while listening to pleasant music. Besides this, the friendly patrons will make you feel at home!

Dublin, the incredible city.

Dublin is a stunning capital! There are so many attractions in this city that you won’t get bored. You can visit museums, theatres and art galleries. Dublin also has a variety of restaurants and shops!

Hurling, an amazing game.

Learn how to play hurling or assist a match during your stay in Ireland. Hurling is a traditional Irish outdoor game. It is the world’s oldest and fastest field sport! Irish people are very fond of Hurling matches and they never miss an opportunity to support their favourite team!

A tasty cuisine.

If you are a food lover, Ireland will spoil your taste bud. There is not only potato but several other yummy dishes such as Irish stew, soda bread, plump oysters, wild Atlantic salmon. At Galway international oyster and seafood festival, you can feast on some of these dishes!

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